We finally upgraded to top of the line and most popular embroidery machine TAJIMA brand. The machine has 8 heads that can run simultaneously to double our production rate. The TAJIMA TFMX-IIC1508 has the capability of using 15 different needles/thread colors in a single design. With the up-to-date technology and equipment, the stitching is crisp and tight. 


"Tajima embroidery machines are one of the most popular commercial embroidery machines in the world. Technical support and parts are usually easy to find. Most operators who have had a lot of experience in the embroidery business, have had experience with Tajima equipment. Most of the worlds manufactures of embroidery machines use Tajima as a model for their own embroidery machines. The mechanics behind the Tajima embroidery machines are fairly basic yet, usually the most advanced in the embroidery industry."

"Tajima is one of the top of the line embroidery machines. The full size 15 needle machines are one of the highest demanded machines on the used market. These machines were built to last and they hold their resell value. Tajima is a machine which all competitors want to be."